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How does bitcoin casino work?

The most important feature of the BTC casino, which distinguishes it from other online casinos https://casinopokiesurf.com/, is the availability of the Bitcoin payment method. Such an online casino can offer players to make payments using a crypto-currency wallet, which means they can enjoy all the benefits of the blockchain.

Players who choose Bitcoin casinos can be assured of the level of protection of their account. The operating protocols of Bitcoin casinos meet the highest global standards of security and privacy. The blockchain ensures that all crypto-currency transactions are carried out using the most reliable protocols, while preserving the player's anonymity, and it is virtually impossible to hack their account.

The financial benefits of using Bitcoin as a payment method in casinos are clear. Firstly, the player does not rely on the honesty of the gambling site, its mode of operation and its workload when processing withdrawal requests. A crypto-currency casino is not directly involved in financial transactions, this process is controlled by blockchain algorithms, and therefore chips are credited and withdrawn instantly and with minimal commission.

In addition, Bitcoin casinos try to reward players with special bonuses that are only available when depositing using the Bitcoin system.

How do I make a deposit at a Bitcoin casino?

To replenish your account at the Bitcoin casino, you need to

Create an account in the Bitcoin casino by entering the necessary personal data in the registration card.

  1. Open the Cashier section, select BTC as your deposit method.
  2. Create a wallet to store Bitcoin on the online exchanger's website.
  3. Buy Bitcoin tokens from an online exchange, they will be credited almost instantly.
  4. Copy or memorize your crypto wallet number.
  5. Return to the Cashier section of the online casino, enter the BTC wallet number, enter the number of Bitcoin chips.
  6. Point the smartphone camera at the generated QR code, this will lead to the online exchange where your wallet is registered.
  7. Check if the verification code on the online exchange and on the gaming site matches. If so, confirm the transaction and wait for the money to be credited to the online casino.

Players can go through these steps both before registering on the casino website and immediately before making a deposit. It is important that when making a Bitcoin casino deposit, you have an account with a gaming site and a personal crypto-currency wallet number. Bitcoin casino deposit requests are processed almost instantly.

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